Colonel Croesus: Flip 2

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This flip’s butcher’s invoice:

211 mosquitos,
104 wooden ants,
1 long-fingered bat,
1 Italian cave salamander.

(Colonel Croesus is an open-to-all sport of Fight Mission: Fortress Italy through which Allied forces are orchestrated by commenters whereas German items are laptop managed. Every every day flip covers one minute of motion. For a state of affairs define and accounts of earlier turns, click on right here)

A lot of the mosquitos have been vapourised by detonating Tellermines; dirty fingers accounted for about 9. The cautiously advancing Autoblinda armoured automobile was accountable for almost all of the formicine fallen, and Captain Squires’ potent plasticine slew the unfortunate salamander. The long-fingered bat? It died from outdated age in mid-air, its corpse touchdown with a definite PONK on the hull of the Tiger by the villa.

It was the PONK that nearly price PFC O’Brien his life. The sound prompted the startled 2nd Squad soldier to note the pair of deserted Carl Zeiss binoculars and attain for them. If Sgt King hadn’t barked a baritone “Don’t you dare!” in his ear, after which, with callused forefinger, identified the filament connecting the binos to the Stielhandgranate wedged between the tank’s highway wheels, O’Brien may need ended up as lifeless because the Fliedermaus.

However O’Brien, like each one among his comrades, survives Flip 2 – a flip through which…

Crabmeat 2 completes her traversal of the minefield and finally ends up within the jap finish of an apparently abandoned tunnel (Because the Sherman has simply emerged from the smoke and dirt, its doable the vacancy is illusory).

Captain Crosbie badmouths Battlefront when he discovers that Crabmeat 1 isn’t allowed to fireplace speculative shells thorough the swirling murk at oo11.

Captain Squires’ breach staff earn their minimize.

1st Squad’s level man spots a suspicious sandbag wall in ‘LEAD’ as he enters the two-storey storeroom by means of its new, ragged backdoor.

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