Colonel Croesus: Flip 8

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ZINC, the rough-hewn chamber with the shack in its centre, has already price the Remark Commanders Robert Duvall (Colonel Croesus) and John Nettles (Corporal Wooden). Will it additionally declare the lifetime of Charles Bronson (Sergeant Nemchik)?

(Colonel Croesus is an open-to-all recreation of Fight Mission: Fortress Italy by which Allied forces are orchestrated by commenters whereas German items are laptop managed. Every each day flip covers one minute of WeGo motion. For a state of affairs define and accounts of earlier turns, click on right here).

Regardless of the west-facing “armour arcs” that sprout, like convolvulus flowers, from Crabmeat 2’s path line into ZINC, Connor will get off the primary shot in Flip 8’s essential armour duel. Rolling previous the corpses of our sniper crew, Nemchik’s flail tank takes a glancing, inconsequential blow to the turret. The grazed Sherman replies, on the hoof, with an effort of inferior high quality.

Nemchik is bracing himself for Connor’s second emission when Crabmeat 2 is struck by a slower, stockier munition than a 50mm AP spherical. An unseen tank hunter, presumably sheltering behind the Pz III, fires a Panzerfaust that hits the ZINC invader on its turret ring.

At exactly the second the German “tank fist” connects with our AFV, an American uppercut delivered by the susceptible chap on the left on this pic, connects with the entrance armour of Connor’s mount.

What appears to be like at first look like one in every of CM’s uncommon double knockouts, is, fortunately, nothing of the type. A fast GUI test reveals that Crabmeat 2’s solely accidents are a evenly wounded loader, and barely broken smoke mortar, radio and optics. The results of the bazooka rocket are hidden from view however are important sufficient to permit Nemchik’s gunner, now firing from a stationary platform, two unopposed photographs.

By the point the Achilles arrives, ZINC is quiet aside from the odd change of LMG fireplace (the MG 42 within the SW nook has but to be silenced). 2nd and threerd Squads maintain no casualties throughout Flip 8.

I want I may say the identical for 1st Squad.

Fight Mission’s considerably agricultural ‘motion spot’ system makes implementing orders like “Transfer down the left-hand facet of highway X” difficult. The 2 1st Squad groups scouting the row three tunnel seem like this…

…in consequence. Hardly superb, however they attain some extent the place they will examine the intriguing x1 construction, with out incident. Truly, they hear x1 earlier than they see it. The faint cries emanating from an air vent within the wall of the bricked-up service shaft come from Captain Lynch (Harrison Ford) and 1st Lt. Bishop (Michael J. Pollard), the B-26 survivors final seen scaling the mountain searching for one other base entrance. The pair are trapped and can need assistance from Squires’ breach crew to get out.

“Assistance is on the way in which” promise 1st Squad.

So too is Hindrance, it seems. At roughly T+40 a reversing anti-aircraft halftrack, heaves into view on the western finish of the tunnel.

The AFV is greeted with a hail of correct Allied small-arms fireplace. Vocal cues counsel that a number of of the Axis gunners are wounded by the lead storm.

Hope flares briefly when the halftrack hesitates, seemingly disconcerted, solely to be firmly snuffed out a second or two later when the quad flak weapons judder into life.

The final ten seconds of the flip are virtually too painful to look at. Trapped like fish in a barrel gutter, the 1st Squad groups are torn to shreds by quadruple streams of 20mm cannon shells.

Maddeningly, Non-public Moffat, moved to the japanese finish of the tunnel in case of simply such an eventuality, refuses to fireside his PIAT (Moffat’s Thompson-armed ammo porter does contribute). A LoS and vary test counsel that he may and will have caught his oar in.

The scenario within the north at T+60. The row three tunnel is suffering from useless and dying GIs. Williams’ halftrack is near Rocca and the fortunate third of 1st Squad not bushwhacked by the flak flinger, however has but to choose them up (Combining multi-unit embarkations with motion orders isn’t simple in CM). Crabmeat 1 is now in LEAD.

Whereas ready patiently at x1, Lynch and Bishop thought they heard engine sounds coming from BRASS.


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