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Not like earlier iterations of Animal Crossing, Ok.Ok. Slider won’t seem in your city robotically. As a substitute you will want to lift the recognition and ranking of your island to draw his consideration and assist out Tom Nook with a wide range of duties.

After you have fulfilled all of Tom Nook’s requests, and obtain a City Analysis of three Stars, Ok.Ok. Slider will start showing at your city’s plaza each Saturday (or Friday if there’s already an occasion deliberate for Saturday.

Ok.Ok. Slider will arrange an space filled with chairs for villagers to sit down and hearken to him sing random songs – however he won’t take requests for a particular track till 6PM or after. Throughout this time, a participant can request that he play a particular track, a track to suit a sure temper, or a track at random.

If a track is requested particularly, and is spelled appropriately, Ok.Ok. Slider will provide you with a replica of the track to position in your report gamers. If the track shouldn’t be spelled appropriately, he’ll as a substitute play a random track and apologize after its conclusion, and you will want to attend per week earlier than you possibly can request a track once more.

That is an interactive listing: When you click on or faucet the songs under in your cellphone you possibly can hold monitor of which of them you’ve got collected. We’ll save that knowledge for you for the subsequent time you come again!

Under is an inventory of all identified songs that Ok.Ok. Slider can carry out in New Horizons. Remember to use correct capitalization and use of intervals when requesting a track (There isn’t any area between every Ok. !).

Agent Ok.Ok. ✓[[[[edit]

Aloha Ok.Ok. ✓[[[[edit]

Animal Metropolis ✓[[[[edit]


Bubblegum Ok.Ok. ✓[[[[edit]

Café Ok.Ok. ✓[[[[edit]

Comrade Ok.Ok. ✓[[[[edit]

DJ Ok.Ok. ✓[[[[edit]

Drivin’ ✓[[[[edit]

Farewell ✓[[[[edit]

Forest Life ✓[[[[edit]

Go Ok.Ok. Rider ✓[[[[edit]

Hypno Ok.Ok. ✓[[[[edit]

I Love You ✓[[[[edit]

Imperial Ok.Ok. ✓[[[[edit]

Ok.Ok. Journey ✓[[[[edit]

Ok.Ok. Aria ✓[[[[edit]

Ok.Ok. Ballad ✓[[[[edit]

Ok.Ok. Bazaar ✓[[[[edit]

Ok.Ok. Birthday ✓[[[[edit]

Ok.Ok. Blues ✓[[[[edit]

Ok.Ok. Bossa ✓[[[[edit]

Ok.Ok. Calypso ✓[[[[edit]

Ok.Ok. Casbah ✓[[[[edit]

Ok.Ok. Chorale ✓[[[[edit]

Ok.Ok. Condor ✓[[[[edit]

Ok.Ok. Nation ✓[[[[edit]

Ok.Ok. Cruisin’ ✓[[[[edit]

Ok.Ok. D&B ✓[[[[edit]

Ok.Ok. Dirge ✓[[[[edit]

Ok.Ok. Disco ✓[[[[edit]

Ok.Ok. Dixie ✓[[[[edit]

Ok.Ok. Étude ✓[[[[edit]

Ok.Ok. Faire ✓[[[[edit]

Ok.Ok. Flamenco ✓[[[[edit]

Ok.Ok. Folks ✓[[[[edit]

Ok.Ok. Fusion ✓[[[[edit]

Ok.Ok. Groove ✓[[[[edit]

Ok.Ok. Gumbo ✓[[[[edit]

Ok.Ok. Home ✓[[[[edit]

Ok.Ok. Island ✓[[[[edit]

Ok.Ok. Jazz ✓[[[[edit]

Ok.Ok. Jongara ✓[[[[edit]

Ok.Ok. Lament ✓[[[[edit]

Ok.Ok. Love Music ✓[[[[edit]

Ok.Ok. Lullaby ✓[[[[edit]

Ok.Ok. Mambo ✓[[[[edit]

Ok.Ok. Marathon ✓[[[[edit]

Ok.Ok. March ✓[[[[edit]

Ok.Ok. Steel ✓[[[[edit]

Ok.Ok. Milonga ✓[[[[edit]

Ok.Ok. Moody ✓[[[[edit]

Ok.Ok. Oasis ✓[[[[edit]

Ok.Ok. Parade ✓[[[[edit]

Ok.Ok. Ragtime ✓[[[[edit]

Ok.Ok. Rally ✓[[[[edit]

Ok.Ok. Reggae ✓[[[[edit]

Ok.Ok. Rock ✓[[[[edit]

Ok.Ok. Rockabilly ✓[[[[edit]

Ok.Ok. Safari ✓[[[[edit]

Ok.Ok. Salsa ✓[[[[edit]

Ok.Ok. Samba ✓[[[[edit]

Ok.Ok. Ska ✓[[[[edit]

Ok.Ok. Sonata ✓[[[[edit]

Ok.Ok. Music ✓[[[[edit]

Ok.Ok. Soul ✓[[[[edit]

Ok.Ok. Steppe ✓[[[[edit]

Ok.Ok. Stroll ✓[[[[edit]

Ok.Ok. Swing ✓[[[[edit]

Ok.Ok. Synth ✓[[[[edit]

Ok.Ok. Tango ✓[[[[edit]

Ok.Ok. Technopop ✓[[[[edit]

Ok.Ok. Waltz ✓[[[[edit]

Ok.Ok. Western ✓[[[[edit]

King Ok.Ok. ✓[[[[edit]

Fortunate Ok.Ok. ✓[[[[edit]

Marine Music 2001 ✓[[[[edit]

Mountain Music ✓[[[[edit]

Mr. Ok.Ok. ✓[[[[edit]

My Place ✓[[[[edit]

Neapolitan ✓[[[[edit]

Solely Me ✓[[[[edit]

Pondering ✓[[[[edit]

Rockin’ Ok.Ok. ✓[[[[edit]

Señor Ok.Ok. ✓[[[[edit]

Soulful Ok.Ok. ✓[[[[edit]

Area Ok.Ok. ✓[[[[edit]

Spring Blossoms ✓[[[[edit]

Stale Cupcakes ✓[[[[edit]

Steep Hill ✓[[[[edit]

Surfin’ Ok.Ok. ✓[[[[edit]

The Ok. Funk ✓[[[[edit]

To the Edge ✓[[[[edit]

Two Days In the past ✓[[[[edit]

Wandering ✓[[[[edit]

Welcome Horizons ✓[[[[edit]

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