Mount And Blade 2 Bannerlord troops information: the way to increase and command a military

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Mount And Blade 2 Bannerlord has you commanding massive armies in epic battles However first you’re going to must win them over. Protecting their loyalty, feeding them, and upgrading them to stronger troop sorts would be the key to conquering the land. It’ll take plenty of work, so we’ll clarify the way to do it right here.

This Mount And Blade 2 Bannerlord troops information will present you the way to recruit troops, the way to enhance the social gathering dimension, and the way to command your troops in battle. Be aware that this isn’t to be confused with the way to recruit Mount And Blade 2 Bannerlord companions, which is a completely totally different course of.

Recruiting troops in Bannerlord

Recruiting troops is slightly simple. You’ll have to both purchase recruits from settlements for a small quantity of gold, or convert prisoners into troops after capturing them. Common troop sorts appear to be extra favoured as the sport progresses than any of the bandit lessons, so contemplate elevating troops from their respective factions slightly than utilizing a bandit pressure.

When you’ve recruited a soldier, you should utilize them in battle to achieve expertise, which may then allow them to improve to raised troop sorts. Beneath are some examples of the perfect troop sorts that you could recruit grouped by the faction they signify, and you should utilize the Encyclopedia (press the N key from the map and have a look at the troops pages) to discover ways to improve them.

Sustaining troop morale

After getting recruited troops, there are some things you want to remember. They’re solely loyal to you in the event you maintain them properly paid and properly fed, since no one works free of charge.

You’ll be able to lose troops if:

  • Your troops recruited is bigger than your social gathering dimension (extra on that in a bit).
  • You’ll be able to’t pay your troops a wage.
  • Your troops general morale is low.
  • You lose a hideout mission (this eliminates your whole military, so watch out).

Outdoors of paying them, it’s best to be certain that your troops take part in battles the place they win usually. A different food regimen can also be a good way to spice up morale. One portion of meals bought will maintain considered one of your troops fed, and there’s no distinction if that unit of meals is meat or grain.

Finest Bannerlord troop sorts by faction

Now you know the way to get troops and what to do to maintain them in your facet, listed here are the perfect troops within the sport:

  • Empire: Has some closely armoured troops, together with the Imperial Elite Cataphracts, Legionaries, and Sergeant Crossbowmen. The Legionaries are the perfect infantry within the sport because it has plenty of armour.
  • Battania: Battania is the one faction that has a particular ranged troop, which is the Fian Champion. Longbows are actually good in Bannerlord, so have a number of in your again line.
  • Vlandia: These persons are anti-cavalry specialists, so the Voulgier and Sharpshooters will make brief work of horses. Additionally they have a powerful heavy cavalry troop within the type of the Banner Knight.
  • Sturgia: For tackling infantry, look no additional than the Shock Troops and the Ulfhednar. Additionally they have the Druzhinnik Champion for a heavy cavalry troop.
  • Aserai: Use these troops from afar, significantly the Mamelukes and Grasp Archers. The Vanguard Faris can also be one other nice heavy cavalry troop.
  • Khuzaits: These persons are nice for quick assaults, with Heavy Lancers, Heavy Horse Archers, and even the Darkhan. Additionally they have the Khan’s Guard who can fireplace arrows from afar earlier than charging in with polearms.

Learn how to enhance social gathering dimension in Bannerlord

Your social gathering dimension is tied to the Steward ability. This ability takes a very long time to degree up, however the important thing to rising the Steward ability is to maintain your troops morale excessive with meals selection. You too can assign your self or your companions who’ve a excessive Steward ability to be your military Quartermaster. You’ll be able to enhance your Steward ability by managing cities. This may finally your general social gathering dimension.

I’d additionally observe that the variety of prisoners that may be stored is half your present social gathering dimension quantity. You’ll be able to study extra about them in our Mount And Blade 2 Bannerlord prisoners information.

Learn how to command a military in Bannerlord

So now you’ve a bunch of troops, however what do you do with them? Once you enter battle, your military might be break up into 4 items. Commanding them is a bit on the tough facet in the event you’re not used to it, because it requires the usage of the numbered keys and performance keys.

Initially, you might want to choose the unit you want to command. Usually these items are sorted into particular teams, the place ranged items are multi functional group, however mounted items are in a separate group that may be commanded to do one thing else. In case your military isn’t numerous in unit sorts, say in the event you’re simply main a band of rogues, then they might be separated into teams containing a number of unit sorts.

With the intention to command your military, first press the numerical key related to the squad. This may then can help you give them orders with the perform keys. Urgent the perform keys for motion, altering the course they’re going through, and the troop’s formation, will carry up a second menu of choices. You’ll be able to then press the second perform key listed beneath to offer them the order specified.

The total record of instructions is beneath with which buttons you might want to press for every, within the order you might want to press them. Some require you to maneuver the mouse to assign a location for the chosen unit to maneuver or face, indicated by a banner.

Troop choice keys

  • Choose first unit: 1
  • Choose second unit: 2
  • Choose third unit: 3
  • Choose fourth unit: 4

Troop motion order keys

Command Button Impact
To place F1 + F1 + use your mouse to maneuver the banner. Strikes chosen unit to the banner.
Comply with me F1 + F2 Makes chosen unit comply with you.
Cost F1 + F3 Chosen unit will run in direction of enemy and assault.
Advance F1 + F4 Chosen unit will stroll in direction of enemy in a sure method. This Reddit put up by “The_Love_Pudding” has extra particulars on the type of motion they’ve.
Fallback F1 + F5 Chosen unit will withdraw however not retreat from battle.
Cease F1 + F6 Chosen unit will cease transferring.
Retreat F1 + F7 Chosen unit will run from battle.
Return F1 + F9 Cancel command to pick motion kind

Troop going through order keys

Command Button Impact
Face Path F2 + F1 + use your mouse to maneuver the banner. Makes chosen unit face in direction of the banner.
Face Enemy F2 + F2 Makes chosen unit face the enemy.
Return F2 + F9 Cancel command to pick motion kind

Troop formation keys

Command Button Impact
Line F3 + F1 Chosen unit strikes to a line formation.
Protect wall F3 + F2 Chosen unit strikes to kind a protect wall.
Unfastened F3 + F3 Chosen unit adopts a free formation.
Circle F3 + F4 Chosen unit adopts a circle formation.
Sq. F3 + F5 Chosen unit adopts a sq. formation.
Skein F3 + F6 Chosen unit adopts a skein formation. (Appears like a V)
Column F3 + F7 Chosen unit adopts a column formation.
Scatter F3 + F8 Chosen unit scatters.
Return F3 + F9 Cancel command to pick motion kind

Troop command keys (different)

Command Button Impact
Fireplace F4 Toggles between “Fireplace at will” or “Maintain fireplace” states for chosen unit.
Horse F5 Toggles between mounting and dismounting horses for chosen unit.
Command F6 Toggles delegation of command between you and the troop’s AI.
Switch F7 Means that you can switch particular items to sure areas. (For instance, you’ll be able to choose protect items to exit in entrance, then have ranged items comply with behind them, and mounted items to the facet).

Mount And Blade 2 Bannerlord information sequence

Thanks for studying our Mount And Blade 2 Bannerlord troops information. I hope that commanding your armies is now rather less worrying, however I’d encourage you to apply with formations in opposition to bandits and rogues of smaller sizes, so that you simply’re ready to face armies.

There are lots extra guides for you’ve a gander at, together with particulars for character creation, in addition to the bugs which can be sadly within the sport. Listed below are some guides to get you began:


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