PUBG Provides Bots to Public Matches on Xbox One, PS4

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

developer PUBG Corp is including bots to public matches on consoles with a purpose to handle the rising gulf between the talent ranges of latest gamers and proficient PUBG veterans.“Whereas PUBG veterans proceed to hone their abilities and enhance, we’re seeing extra typically that many more recent gamers are being eradicated early with no kills – and oftentimes with no harm dealt,” defined lead challenge supervisor Joon H. Choi in a blog post published on

“In an effort to provide more ways for players to hone their skills and be able to fully enjoy what PUBG has to offer, we’ve decided to introduce bots with Update 7.1.”

Choi went on to detail the three main priorities the PUBG team considered when building the console bots, including carefully laying out navigation meshes across the entire map “in a way that prevents bots from throwing themselves off of a cliff”, a “carefully balanced” shooting system that allows players to avoid fire using authentic evasive action, and ensuring bots concentrate on seeking out, looting, and arming themselves with the most appropriate gear during each phase of the game.

“While there were many other factors that went into programming PUBG’s bots, these were the three we felt carried the most potential impact on a match,” wrote Choi. “We hope that introducing bots will help players get more shooting practice and kills, a higher average survival time, and maybe even that first exciting chicken dinner. Basically, the full battle royale experience.”

Choi also qualified that this is just the first iteration of bots in PUBG on console. Bots will be monitored for improvement over the coming months.

Experienced players with high matchmaking ratings will be less likely to encounter bots in their games. Competitive, ranked PUBG will not feature bots.

Serving to lower the barrier of entry to the cutthroat genre, bots are already in a feature in PUBG on mobile and were added to battle royale rival Fortnite in an update in October 2019.

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