Samson: MLB gamers might want to embrace sliding cost scale sooner or later

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A return plan for the 2020 MLB season amid the coronavirus pandemic has been in the works for some time, but the owners and player’s union are still having a hard time agreeing on the money aspect. After the most recent plan leaked on Tuesday, the players ripped it apart, unhappy with significant pay cuts.

The new plan involves a sliding scale model, where the highest earning players would take large pay cuts and those making the minimum would earn close to their previous salary.

CBS Sports’ David Samson broke down the proposal on Wednesday’s episode of his podcast “Nothing Personal with David Samson.” He says the word of the day is “disappointment,” which is how the players feel and how many fans feel with a return not looking close.

Samson has long praised the owners for having one voice that does not waver from the goal.

“Everybody was talking, with the exception of the owners, the only voice that came from the owners was a statement from MLB,” he said.

After explaining the proposal, he said, “Now we are reading everywhere what a disaster this is for the players,” adding a sarcastic, “Oh the horror.” 

The podcast host says the players will not get the sympathy they are after in the current state of the economy:

“The union thought to themselves one way we can do better is to have a better PR strategy where we can try to illicit some sympathy from the masses, from the fans. I got a news flash [Executive Director of the Major League Baseball Players Association] Tony Clark. NGTH. Not going to occur. There isn’t any state of affairs beneath which it is possible for you to to get a preponderance or the folks to truly come out in your aspect when there are folks making $30 million and now they will make $10 million, when there’s about 35-40 million folks unemployed, making $zero or furlough.”

Samson appreciates the newest plan, believing that whereas negotiations nonetheless must occur, gamers “need to wrap their arms round” the sliding scale mannequin. The reasoning behind the pay cuts come from the league not figuring out what is going to occur or what their income might be, Samson says.

Samson wraps up his ideas saying, “Gamers have extra bills, I get it, however sooner or later the gamers must resolve what they’re keen to stay with.”

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