Valorant Omen information – 30 top-tier ideas

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Omen is the jack-of-all-trades of Valorant brokers. Together with his smokes, teleports, and blinds, he may be an completed initiator and flanker or a stalwart defender with a penchant for wrongfooting the enemy staff. Discover ways to make one of the best of all his skills with our Valorant Omen information and the under sensible ideas and tips.

Valorant Omen information

Omen skills overview

Earlier than we dive into our top-tier ideas and tips for all Omen gamers, let’s simply brush up on every of his 4 skills:

Darkish Cowl | Signature | 2 costs | Replenish 1 cost each 30 seconds
Equip a shadow orb and see its vary indicator. Hearth to throw the shadow orb to the marked location, making a long-lasting shadow sphere that blocks imaginative and prescient. Maintain Alternate Hearth whereas focusing on to maneuver the marker additional away. Maintain the power key with focusing on to maneuver the market nearer.
Shrouded Step | Purchasable | 2 costs | Prices 100c every
Equip a shadow stroll means and see its vary indicator. Hearth to start a short channel, then teleport to the marked location.
Paranoia | Purchasable | 1 cost | Prices 200c
Immediately fireplace a shadow projectile ahead, briefly decreasing the imaginative and prescient vary of all gamers it touches. This projectile can move straight by partitions.
From The Shadows | Final | 7 costs
Equip a tactical map. Hearth to start teleporting to the chosen location. Whereas teleporting, Omen will seem as a Shade that may be destroyed by an enemy to cancel his teleport.

All on the identical web page? Proper. Let’s speak about how one can unlock the complete performance of every of those skills (and due to this fact Omen himself) in flip.

Omen ideas – Darkish Cowl

  1. Not like Brimstone’s Sky Smokes, Omen’s Darkish Cowl is completely hole on the within, and your imaginative and prescient stays unimpaired by any results.
  2. A Darkish Cowl smoke lasts about 11 seconds after its preliminary creation, no matter how far it has to journey beforehand.
  3. Utilizing the minimap is a necessity when utilizing Darkish Cowl. Use the marker to see precisely the place the smoke will find yourself, in addition to its trajectory.
  4. The precise smoke covers a barely bigger space than what’s proven by the preliminary minimap marker, so bear this in thoughts when deciding on actual placement of your smoke.
  5. The utmost distance that may be coated by a Darkish Cowl is 80 metres, which is sufficient to cross from one facet of any map to the opposite. This enables Omen to have a worldwide affect on the map in an analogous (however extra restricted) method to Brimstone’s Sky Smokes.
  6. A novel facet of Darkish Cowl is you could dictate how excessive within the air the smoke will activate, and after a second it would start to sink down till it hits a floor. This can be utilized to catch a glimpse of the decrease half of an enemy earlier than the smoke settles.
  7. A standard use for Darkish Cowl is to obscure your teleport (Shrouded Step or From The Shadows), however each these skills are very noisy. A extra insidious method is to make it appear as if you might have teleported into Darkish Cowl, when truly you moved some place else (or by no means).
  8. Darkish Cowl can be utilized a number of occasions in a single spherical. You at all times begin with two costs, and also you regenerate a cost each 30 seconds. So don’t be treasured about your Darkish Cowl utilization.

Omen ideas – Shrouded Step

  1. Shrouded Step provides loads of utility, however it’s a really short-ranged teleport that requires line-of-sight in your desired finish location.
  2. One of the frequent and highly effective makes use of for Omen’s Shrouded Step is to achieve excessive ledges. It additionally synergises very effectively with Sage’s Barrier, as Omen can teleport to the highest of even the strangest wall placements.
  3. Shrouded Step has a big wind-up and wind-down, which implies you’re locked out of transferring round or utilizing weapons for a great two seconds in complete. So watch out the place and whenever you use it, since you are susceptible whereas teleporting.
  4. The audio for Shrouded Step may be heard by close by enemies.
  5. One other highly effective use for Shrouded Step is to cross watched areas with out the enemy figuring out. So long as the enemy is much sufficient away for the power to be inaudible, and so long as you stay unseen, the enemy has no manner of figuring out that you just’re now on the other facet from the place they had been anticipating you to peek from.
  6. A particular use for Shrouded Step arises on the map Bind: you possibly can faux the usage of one in all Bind’s teleporters through the use of Shrouded Step simply earlier than you enter the portal. See the under video for an illustration.

Video supply: ProjectStrat

Omen ideas – Paranoia

  1. Paranoia can cowl a max distance of round 30 metres – not almost as far-reaching as Darkish Cowl, however nonetheless sufficient to cowl most lengthy corridors and walkways on any map.
  2. The precise hitbox for the power is smaller than the visible impact leads you to consider. Take a look at the central orb that seems in the course of the channeling animation: that is roughly the dimensions of the power’s precise hitbox, so that is what it’s essential hit enemies with as a way to Nearsight them.
  3. The usage of Paranoia steadily slows your turning to a halt, similar to Sova’s final does. So don’t anticipate to have the ability to rapidly change the course of the power after initialising it.
  4. Like all of Omen’s skills, Paranoia shouldn’t be an instantaneous factor. There’s a wind-up time of round one second, so you’re susceptible whereas casting.
  5. Paranoia is finest used as an initiating software. Use it to hit frequent spots the place enemies could also be mendacity in wait, or to briefly zone sure chokepoints to forestall enemies from approaching.
  6. Paranoia might inflict a Nearsight reasonably than a standard blind impact, however both manner it’s frequent for affected enemies to reply by capturing at the place they suppose you’ll peek out from. And it is a very viable tactic, so you need to try to time your peek correctly by ready a beat. Don’t fear, the impact lasts lengthy sufficient to accommodate the hesitation.
  7. On the subject of following up a Paranoia with a peek – needless to say there’s a journey time related to Paranoia. Don’t peek instantly, or you might discover that the Paranoia hasn’t even reached the enemy but they usually can simply simply headshot you.

Omen final ideas – From The Shadows

  1. You might be severely susceptible whereas utilizing your final, so there’s a very excessive danger related to this means. Usually it would both go very proper or very flawed, with no center floor.
  2. If you’re shot whereas in shade-form (gathering shadows), you’re teleported again, unhurt, to your preliminary location. However most gamers understand it’s higher to attend till you’ve absolutely corporealised and simply headshot you.
  3. The excellent news is you could begin transferring from the second you start to reform; it’s solely in the course of the “gathering shadows” part that you’re locked out.
  4. It’s very loud and really apparent to your entire enemy staff whenever you use From The Shadows, so don’t suppose that you should utilize it secretively. Not solely is the sound globally audible to each enemy, however every enemy’s minimap will flip black in the course of the teleport.
  5. Be sure you equip your major weapon earlier than utilizing your final, in case you teleport into a right away duel.
  6. Right here’s a standard and highly effective mind-game you possibly can play with Omen’s final because the attackers: let your self be seen with the spike close to one website, then use your final. Whether or not or not you determine to teleport to a different website, it would drive the enemy staff to separate up typically, weakening the defence of anyone website.
  7. Darkish Cowl has an amazing sufficient vary that you should utilize it earlier than deploying your final to present your self some cowl whenever you arrive. Nevertheless, this comes with the price of making your place extra apparent (enemies will solely must catch sight of a large black smoking orb, reasonably than a single participant mannequin).

Some further Omen ideas

  1. Omen’s energy doesn’t actually come within the type of solo-fragging potential as some gamers would possibly suppose. His means to wipe whole groups could be very depending on the general talent and expertise of the enemy staff, and most skilled gamers won’t let an Omen final destroy their whole spherical. As an alternative, Omen’s energy is available in his staff performs, and his means to wrongfoot the enemy staff on a 1v1 scale in addition to a wider “staff technique” scale.
  2. Generally, as the typical participant talent in a match will increase, Omen’s effectiveness decreases. Brimstone has higher map management, Breach has stronger initiating potential, Jett and Raze are higher at following up skills with kills. However Omen remains to be a robust jack-of-all-trades agent, and if you should utilize his skills to mislead or impair the arrogance of the enemy staff, you possibly can lead your staff to a victory they in any other case won’t have achieved.

Valorant Omen guide

With that, we’ll conclude this Valorant Omen information. However we’ve bought lots extra to supply for any Valorant participant seeking to enhance their talent and information! Click on any of the hyperlinks under to go over to a special Valorant information.

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